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Options for Removing Graffiti from Your Business

Posted on Nov 26, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Options for Removing Graffiti from Your Business | D&D Painting

Graffiti may have a place in the world of art and pop culture but that does not mean you want it on the side of your business. If someone painted on your building without permission that is not art – it is a crime. Unsightly graffiti can have a negative impact on how your office building or store looks. It may even deter customers from coming in. You need to remove the graffiti and restore the exterior of your building in order to accurately reflect the professional image of your business. Graffiti removal typically requires the help of a professional who has the training, experience, and tools needed to do the job well. Options for removing graffiti from your business include power washing, color matching paint, and a completely new paint job.

Power washing

Some types of graffiti will respond to power washing. The type of paint used, the surface of the building, and the age of the graffiti will all impact how well it responds to power washing. Your paint expert can use a variety of chemicals and cleaning agents in the power washer to aid in the removal process. This is a relatively quick and inexpensive option when it comes to graffiti removal. If there is a possibility that the graffiti can be removed with this method, then start with power washing. Power washing is usually an essential part of preparing for a paint job so even if it does not completely remove the graffiti it will help prepare the surface for the next step in the process.

Color matching paint

In some situations, the graffiti does not respond to power washing and must be covered with paint. If your building is already painted then this process will be relatively easy. A new coat of paint over the graffiti will be enough to cover it up. The tricky part of painting over graffiti is getting the color right. A paint color that is slightly off can still be an eyesore on your business. A top-notch painting pro can color match the current paint on your building to give you a seamless end result.     

Completely new paint job

If there is a large amount of graffiti on the exterior of your business you may determine that an entirely new paint job is the best option. A new paint job will cover the unsightly graffiti and give your business a fresh look. To protect against future issues with graffiti you can make note of the paint that is used for the project. If your building gets vandalized again in the future you will know the exact paint to use and can avoid the color matching process.

The exterior appearance of your business is important. It can impact whether or not a potential customer comes through the door. Do not allow graffiti on your business to deter potential customers from coming inside. D&D Painting can help you remove the graffiti and restore the professional look of your business.

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