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Options for Reviving the Look of Your Deck this Spring

Posted on Jun 15, 2020 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Options for Reviving the Look of Your Deck this Spring | D&D Painting

A nice deck can provide you with opportunities to enjoy time outside with your family in the spring and throughout the year. A deck that is in poor condition, however, can be a source of frustration each time you consider going outside. There is no need to continue being frustrated about the condition of your deck because there are a number of options available that will help you revive it this spring.

Remove debris and junk

Removing debris and junk from your deck is a quick, simple, and inexpensive way to revive the way it looks. Nothing looks good when it is covered with broken toys, dead leaves, and grime from past cookouts. Simply removing the junk on your deck can help you start feeling better about its condition. During the fall and winter, debris from trees and dead plants can also build up on your deck. Sweeping your deck may be enough to remove a lot of the plant debris that accumulated last season.

Pressure wash

Pressure washing is the next step up in getting your deck clean. Removing debris and junk gets rid of the big stuff but, pressure washing removes the dirt and grime that are clinging to your deck. Your deck is exposed to the elements which means that dirt, precipitation, and grime are constantly attacking it. Over time, it can seem as if these elements become a part of the deck itself. Fortunately, you can remove the most stubborn of dirt and grime with the help of pressure washing. Pressure washing uses a concentrated stream of water and cleaner to remove stubborn dirt from the wood on your deck. The impact that pressure washing has on the look of your deck can be quite dramatic.

Repair or replace damaged wood

The wood on your deck can become damaged over time from use and exposure to the elements. In order to get the look you want for your deck, you need to repair or replace the damaged wood. This may involve patching areas with minor damage or replacing complete sections of wood.

Stain and seal

Once you remove debris, pressure wash your deck, and repair damaged wood, you have a blank canvas that you can stain and seal. The steps mentioned above all help you get your deck ready to be stained and sealed. Staining your deck can give it an even color and make it look brand-new. Staining your deck will help protect it from the elements going forward.

You can give your deck a fresh, new look with a few simple steps. You can get help with any or all of the steps mentioned above from the pros at D&D painting. Get in touch today to get started on the process of reviving the look of your deck this spring.

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