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Paint Projects that are Perfect for Summer

Posted on Jul 4, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Paint Projects that are Perfect for Summer | D&D PaintingSummer is a great time to work on projects around your house. The long days and warm weather make it ideal for outside projects that you couldn’t get to when it was cooler outside. Painting is a home improvement project that can usually be completed during the summer. Paint projects that are perfect for the summer include the exterior siding or brick of your home, the interior of your house, your deck, and exterior doors.

Exterior siding or brick

The weather has a significant impact on your ability to paint the exterior of your house. If it is too cold or there is a lot of moisture in the air your paint will not adhere appropriately. Poor adherence will lead to a splotchy finished product and a shorter life expectancy for the paint. You will find yourself repainting the exterior of your house much sooner if you try and do it under the wrong conditions. Summer provides ideal conditions for painting your exterior siding or brick. You do have to keep the max temperature of your paint in mind if you are in an area that experiences extreme heat. Paint has a lower and upper temp level that you should take into consideration before you paint outside. In the bay area the temps in the summer typically stay within the appropriate range for exterior painting.


The weather outside can also impact your ability to paint inside. Cold and moisture rich days can impact the temperature and moisture levels inside your house. If you paint inside when it is raining outside it can significantly slow the drying process of your paint. In the summer, the temperature and moisture level outside make interior paint projects a great idea.


Summer is an excellent time to work on your deck. You can pressure wash it and not worry about how the temperature will impact the water that remains on the deck. In addition, the sunshine will help dry out the wood so it is ready more quickly for new stain or paint. Once your deck is prepped and then painted it will dry quickly so you can get to the next coat and then on to enjoying outside living once again.


Painting your exterior doors is a project that is perfect for summer. In order to give your doors the best possible paint job you need to take them off. When the weather is nice in the summer having your door down for a few hours will not cause too much discomfort. You can install a temporary screen to keep flies and mosquitoes out while you prep and paint the door.

If you have paint projects you want to complete the summer is a great time to get started. You will not have to worry about variations in the weather nearly as much as you would in the winter or spring. If you plan on employing a professional to help with your projects this summer then get them scheduled ASAP. Summer is a busy time of year for painting contractors so you need to talk to them about your plan soon to ensure they have room for it on their schedule.

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