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Painting An Occupied Apartment Complex

Posted on Apr 16, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Painting An Occupied Apartment Complex

When you own or manage an apartment complex that is occupied you do not suddenly stop maintaining its’ appearance. Occasional painting on the interior and exterior will still be needed to keep it looking nice. Tenants may be responsible for the paint in their space but shared spaces like lobbies, bathrooms, hallways, stairwells, and the exterior of the building will still require your attention. Your tenants and their guests need access to these spaces during the day, so it is not feasible to completely block off access in order to have these areas painted. What options do you have? Can a commercial painting contractor work around your tenants? Through appropriate planning and a well organized system, a high quality commercial painting contractor can work around your tenants and provide you with results that will leave you happy until it's time to paint again.

Smart planning for the painting project

A little planning before a painting project begins will go a long way toward keeping your tenants happy. For example, tenants and guests might need to have access to an elevator or stairwells while they are in your building. If you are having the area around the elevators and stairwells painted, make sure they get painted in stages so there is always at least one available to the people inside your building. If you are having the doors and entryways painted make sure there is another entrance and exist available during that project. For areas that are heavily used it may be necessary to time the painting during a less busy part of the day. Talk with your painting contractor about the areas that are the most heavily used to figure out the best time to get the painting job done. An experienced painting contractor should be able to guide you through all of these possible obstacles and more. Keep in mind that simply talking with your tenants about what is going to take place can help the whole process better for them. The improved appearance of the building will be good for them and they will likely be willing to temporarily deal with any changes in order to make sure the areas that need to get painted are available.

Efficiency throughout the painting process   

The best way for a commercial painting contractor to work around your tenants is by being efficient. The quicker they get in and out of your building, the less disruption it will cause to tenants. If you want to make sure you hire an efficient painting contractor, look for one who has experience painting commercial properties. If they have previous experience on these types of projects they will know what to expect and how to work around your tenants.

A well experienced commercial painting contractor can get the job done without causing problems for your tenants or their guests. Your tenants may have to make a few temporary changes during the painting process but those adjustments should not prevent them from getting in and out of their home. In the end, everyone will appreciate the fresh clean look that a new paint job provides for your complex.

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