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Planning for a New Paint Job on the Interior of Your Home

Posted on Jan 10, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Planning for a New Paint Job on the Interior of Your Home | D and D Painting

Planning for a new interior paint job can be a lot of fun. Painting can completely transform the look and feel of your home for much less than it would cost to change your furniture or floorplan. The first, and one of the most fun, elements of planning for a new paint job is to narrow down color options. Once you have the color you love it is time to create a blank slate on your walls. After these tasks are complete you need to decide between completing the project yourself or bringing in professional help.

Narrow down color options

Looking at paint colors sounds like a lot of fun-at first. But then you realize that there are literally hundreds of shades of every color. There are nuances to each of those shades that will impact how they look in your space. When you start out, you are on a mission to find the perfect color. But after painting swatches of twelve different grays on your wall you might feel like giving up. You can combat this overwhelming feeling in a couple of ways. Research color options and learn from the experiences of others. If a color catches your eye, look it up online and see how it worked for others. If you love the look of a friend’s house, take note of the colors on the walls. The second way to avoid getting overwhelmed with color choice is to bring in a professional. The experts you encounter at a top notch painting company know how to help customers find the right paint colors for their home.

Create a blank slate

Once you have found the color you want it is time to get your walls ready for paint. Start by removing photos, shelves, and anything else in the way that would get in the way. Do not forget to remove nails, screws, and staples so they do not interfere with the project. If the walls are damaged in any way or dirty then you need to address both of those elements before painting. A blank slate is an important part of ending up with an even and long-lasting paint job.

Decide on DIY or Professional Help

With time, patience, and the appropriate tools you can most likely handle a do-it-yourself paint project. The question is; do you currently have those elements at your disposal? A professional painting contractor has the necessary tools and experience to get your interior paint job done. Ultimately, the decision is up to you. If you decide to go the DIY route then spend some time learning about the process in order to avoid common mistakes. If you think professional help is your best option then get in touch with D&D Painting for a free estimate.

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