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Popcorn Ceiling Removal Services in the East Bay Area

Posted on Aug 22, 2022 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

shutterstock_1352675261While popcorn ceilings used to be very popular in homes because of the easy application, acoustic properties, and textured look, the fad is over and many homeowners are seeking help in removing the product from their ceilings. If you are in the East Bay Area and are tired of looking at your dated, acoustic ceiling texture, calling in a popcorn ceiling removal service will help you move past the old and give your home a brand new look.

Though if it is possible to do this job yourself, removing the popcorn ceiling may prove to be more difficult than it seems. When the ceiling is finally revealed underneath, there may be more imperfections that you may be aware of. The popcorn ceiling texture was often used to easily hide imperfections in the ceiling.

Acoustic ceiling removal

Before starting on the job, all of your furniture and belongings, as well as the walls, will be carefully covered to prevent the acoustic ceiling materials from getting on everything that remains in the room. Popcorn ceiling is made of several tiny styrofoam balls mixed with a drywall compound that was once sprayed on many ceilings from the late 1940s to the 1990s.

Depending on what type of paint was used on the ceiling in the years after the texture was put on, it could make a difference in how the job is done. If an oil based paint was applied, the general idea of soaking the ceiling with water to loosen it up will not work. But regardless of other factors, an experienced painting company will be able to completely remove the popcorn texture material from the ceiling and give you the look you want.

Texture of your choice

Once all the texture is removed, any holes and cracks in the ceiling will be filled and a new texture, if desired, can be applied. The entire room will feel and look so different without the presence of the old, acoustic ceiling material.

Prime and paint

The final process in a popcorn ceiling removal service is to prime and paint your new ceiling. Once the final color is applied to the ceiling and all tape and drop cloths are removed, you will be amazed at the difference the new ceiling look can make.

No more white, flaky styrofoam falling every time your children throw their stuffed animals in the air and graze the ceiling. The old, stagnant look of the acoustic, popcorn ceiling is gone for good and is now replaced with a sleek or textured updated look.

If you are in the East Bay Area and are looking for popcorn ceiling removal services, give D&D Painting a call today.

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