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Prepare for An Exterior Paint Job with These 4 Steps

Posted on Jan 4, 2021 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Prepare for An Exterior Paint Job with These 4 Steps | D&D Painting

Preparing for an exterior paint job can be a lot of fun. A fresh coat of paint can bring new life to the exterior of your home. A different color on the exterior of your house can transform the way it looks. Having the exterior of your house painted is a big project. It is one that requires some preparation – even if you are not the one who is going to do the actual painting.

Schedule a consultation with a painting pro

If you want to have the exterior of your home painted a good first step is to schedule a consultation with a painting pro. There may be a number of things that must be done to get your home prepped for an exterior paint job. This prep work can take time to complete so starting with a consultation will help you make sure you take the steps in the right order. A painting pro will talk to you about the scope of the project, point out any repairs or updates you need to make prior to painting, and provide you with a quote for the project.

Remove debris that is touching your house

One step you will definitely need to take to prepare for an exterior paint job is to remove debris that is touching your house. This can include things like leaves and dirt that have piled up. In addition, if you have firewood or other items stored against the house you will need to move them so the entire surface area of the house will be able to get painted.

Make necessary repairs

Over time, all houses will have some type of damage to the exterior façade. For house made with wood siding this may mean wood rot. Other materials can chip, split, crack, and break because of some type of impact or exposure. Take some time to examine the condition of the exterior of your home. Are there areas that need repair? Making these repairs on your own or hiring help will get your house ready for paint. You can talk to the painting pro after your inspection to learn if they offer repair services as part of the quote.

Make your color choices

The final – but likely the most fun – step of the project is to make your color choices. Oftentimes you will choose at least two colors for the exterior of your house – the main color and the trim color. If you are panting your door and/or adding in accent colors then you will have a few more colors that you need to choose. Make sure you are aware of any rules about exterior paint colors in your town or neighborhood before you finalize your color choices.

Preparation is a key part of getting an exterior paint job that meets your standards. Fortunately, it is not complicated to get your house ready. In fact, you can streamline the entire process by working with a painting pro who offers prep services. Get started by scheduling a free quote from the pros and D&D Painting.

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