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Prepping Your Home for a Paint Project: Don’t Forget These Things

Posted on Nov 8, 2016 8:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

prepping-your-home.jpgIt is exciting to get ready for a new paint project in your home. New paint is a quick change that can make a big difference in the look of the interior or exterior of your home. It is easy to get wrapped up in the aesthetics and forget that there is actual work that must be completed in order to prepare your home for a paint project. Whether you are going to complete the project yourself or hire help, there are few things you don’t want to forget.

  •  If you have breakable or valuable items, you need to pack them up or move them to another room for the duration of the project. Painting comes with equipment, such as rollers, that can easily knock over one of the glass knick-knacks you have on the shelf. In addition, you will have to move furniture and other items away from the walls because painting well requires that you (or the contractor) be able to move around freely without the fear of tripping over furniture or other objects. Often times you can move some of the furniture to the center of the room so the walls can be easily accessed. Be sure and cover the furniture with a drop cloth or plastic sheeting to protect against and accidental splatter.You need to clear the area
  • You should wipe down all the surfaces that are going to be painted

All the surfaces that need to be painted should be as clean as possible. If you paint over dirty walls or cabinets you could end up with a finished product that is blotchy and/or grainy. You can wipe walls down with a dry duster or a damp cloth. Cabinets will likely require a more thorough wiping down to get rid of stubborn dirt and residue. Wipe down the ceiling fans in the rooms you are painting also because once they are turned on they can get dust on your freshly painted walls.

  • Schedule painting for a time when kids and pets will be out of the way

Wet paint is almost impossible to resist for little kids! To avoid problems with your kids getting into the room with the paint, schedule the painting for a time when you can have the kids out of the house.

Pets can also cause problems for your freshly painted walls. If you have a small project, you can simply put your pet out in the yard for the afternoon. However, larger projects and/or inclement weather may make it necessary for you to board your pet for a day or two until the project is complete.  

You will have to do some preparation to your house before any paint project, DIY or professional. These are a few of the steps that are easy to forget in your excitement to transform a room or the whole house. Can you think of any other important steps for prepping your home that are easy to forget? Let us know!New Call-to-action

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