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Reasons Fall is a Good Time for Exterior Paint Projects

Posted on Nov 14, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Reasons Fall is a Good Time for Exterior Paint Projects | D&D Painting

Summer and spring are the two seasons of the year most commonly associated with outdoor home improvement projects. But, when it comes to painting the exterior of your home, fall is a good time of year to get it done. The weather during the fall is more temperate that the scorching summer or freezing winter – which will provide you with a better finished product. In addition, fall can be a good time of year for this type of project because it is the calm before the holiday storm. You can fit in a project you have been wanting to complete before you get started with your holiday to-do list. 

The heat has started to subside

The heat levels in California during the summer can get extremely high. Because of this, exterior projects like painting can become more difficult. If you have the exterior of your house painted during the peak of summer heat it can have a negative impact on your final results. When the temperature outside is above a certain level it causes the paint to dry too quickly and can prevent it from properly binding to the surface. This can cause the paint to crack or peel prematurely. There are recommendations for appropriate temperatures for painting. If you are painting on your own, look at the temperature recommendations listed on the paint can. A professional painting contractor will have the training to decide when weather conditions are not amenable to painting. Fall in California will provide you will cooler temperatures than the summer which makes it a good time for exterior paint projects.

The cold weather has not arrived

Exterior paint can also be negatively impacted by cold weather. The longevity of your paint job can be shortened if your home is painted during very cold or wet weather. As with temperature highs, the coldest temperature you can paint in is dependent upon the type of paint you use. Latex paint and oil-based paint have different lower limits. The various painting manufacturers also have varying recommendations on ideal temperatures. You can avoid this debate by having your home painted during the temperate weather of a California fall. The more extreme cold of the winter has not moved in yet and will not negatively impact your results.

Get it done before the holidays

Another reason fall is a good time for exterior paint projects is because it is before the holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are quickly approaching but there is still time to fit in an exterior paint job before the guests and busyness arrive.

If you have been thinking about having the exterior of your home painted, fall is a great time to schedule that project. The temperatures during the fall in California land comfortably between the high and low manufacturer recommendations for most types of paint. You can get the work done before the holidays and feel confident that it will last for years to come. Schedule a free estimate today and get your fall paint project started.

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