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Repairs that Need to Happen Before an Exterior Paint Project

Posted on Apr 5, 2021 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Repairs that Need to Happen Before an Exterior Paint Project | D & D Painting

An exterior paint job is not a home improvement project that you do every day – or even every year. A quality exterior paint job should last for years. You can maximize the longevity of your exterior paint project by ensuring that you make all the necessary repairs before any paint goes on the house.  Repairs that need to happen before an exterior paint project include dealing with wood rot, replacing missing siding/trim, repairing damaged siding, and removing chipped/cracked paint.

Dealing with wood rot

Wood rot is a common issue for wood siding. Rot can occur because it is infested by fungi or because of water damage. The wood will decay and eventually show obvious signs of damage. When there is wood rot present on your siding it is a sign of a problem. Before you to go the trouble to repair the wood and paint your home, you need to start by finding the cause of the wood rot. If there is a water issue, for example, the new wood will eventually get damaged as well. Take the time to find and address the underlying cause of the damage (or get processional helping doing it) before you replace the wood. 

Replacing missing siding/trim

Over the course of time, siding and trim can get ripped or knocked off. Severe weather is an example of something that can lead to missing siding or trim. Maintenance is a normal part of being a homeowner so you can expect that there will be areas of siding or trim that are partially or completely missing. A painting professional can help you with this type of repairs. Your paint job will look unfinished if you neglect to replace any pieces of siding or trim that are missing. 

Repairing damaged siding

Siding can get damaged in ways beyond rot. For example, a fallen branch from a tree can knock a hole into your siding or create a gash in the surface. This type of damage can often be repaired and does not necessarily require you to replace the complete piece of siding. The best way to repair damaged siding is to hire a painting professional for help. Letting a pro handle the siding repair will provide you with the best possible finished product. 

Removing chipped/cracked paint

Another important repair to make before painting the outside of your house is to remove chipped or cracked paint. Painting over old, damaged paint will leave your finished product looking splotchy and uneven. Areas where the old paint is damaged need to be addressed before the new paint goes on. 

There are a number of potential repairs that you will have to deal with before you do an exterior paint job. It can seem overwhelming to think about all of the potential repairs but you do not have to tackle them on your own. A top-notch painting company can handle all of the prep work required to get your house ready for a new paint job.

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