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Should Business Owners Do Their Own Painting?

Posted on Jun 28, 2021 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Should Business Owners Do Their Own Painting? | D & D Painting

In the early stages of owning a business, it is often necessary to be a jack of all trades. Tasks that you will eventually hire out may not be part of the budget in the early days. As your business grows you will – ideally – hire help for tasks that are not core elements to running your business. Cleaning the office, dealing with the landscape around your building, bookkeeping, and a long list of other tasks can be put in the hands of competent professionals. Doing everything yourself will eventually start to get in the way of you running and growing your business. The day-to-day small tasks are sometimes easier to delegate than the occasional big tasks. One task that comes up occasionally that some business owners may consider doing themselves is painting. Should business owners do their own painting? The short answer is no, business owners should not do their own painting. Keep reading for a more in-depth explanation as to why business owners should leave the painting to the professionals.

The paint on your business is part of its overall image

What do you think of a business that has trash spread out on the ground across the parking lot? What do you think of a business that has overgrown landscaping or a lawn that needs to be mowed? Chances are that you make some immediate judgments about a business when you see an exterior that is unkempt. The paint on your business is also part of its overall image. If you have a poor paint job or one that takes a long time to finish because you chose to do it yourself, it can impact the view that current and potential customers have of your business. You can protect the image of your business by hiring a professional who can get it painted quickly and provide high-quality results.

The way you spend your time matters

Business owners are busy people. There are a ton of moving elements when it comes to running a business. If you own a business then you know that the list of things you think about and deal with on a daily basis is always growing. Do you have days or weeks’ worth of time to give up in order to paint your business yourself? Will the money you save by taking the DIY route be worth the time you spend away from your business? When you realize that painting your business on your own comes with a high opportunity cost it can help you discover the true value of hiring a commercial painting company to take care of everything for you.

As a business owner, it is always tempting to look for opportunities to save on costs. It is true that you can reduce some of the costs if you do everything yourself but that approach requires some major tradeoffs. Bringing in a painting professional is the best option for business owners because it will provide you with the best results in a time and cost-effective manner.

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