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Should I Paint My House I Just Bought Before or After I Move In?

Posted on Nov 24, 2016 6:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

should-i-paint-my-house.jpgYou just bought a house, congratulations! It is exciting to start working on turning it into a home for you and your family. There are a lot of logistics to consider when you are moving from one place into your new home. You need to think about what needs to be done to the home before you actually move in. One task you may be on the fence about is painting. Is that something you do before or after you move in? There are benefits to both options but in the end one option stands out as the better choice.

  • Benefits of painting the inside of your house before you move in

1. No furniture or personal belonging in the house

Painting before you move into your new house means that there are no personal belongings or furniture to get in the way of the process. You, or the painting contractors, will have room to move around and paint without needing to move furniture or other items. In addition, there is no need to cover furniture to protect it from damage due to paint splatter. Another benefit of painting the inside of an empty house is that the floors are easy to cover and protect. There is no furniture to go around or over so you can put down the drop cloths and see that the floors are protected without anything obstructing your view.

2. Avoid messing up wet paint

When you paint an empty house the paint has time to dry before anyone needs to be in the room. However, if you paint after you move in you may have to occupy a room with wet paint before it has had time to dry. Painting before you move in allows you to avoid smudges and finger prints in the wet paint. If you have children or pets in the home the likelihood of the wet paint getting disturbed is even higher.

  • Benefits of painting the inside of your house after you move in

1. Avoid damage to your newly painted walls

Moving furniture and personal items into a home is hard work. Even if you hire professional help there is a possibility that some of the walls in your home will get damaged. Painting after you move in provides you with the opportunity to touch up any damage that occurred during the moving process. You will have extra work to do if you paint before moving in and one or more of the walls get damaged.

2. See how your furniture and décor look in the home

Painting after you move in will give you a chance to see how your current furniture and décor work in the house. You may move in and realize that you current couch is too big to fit comfortably in the living room. Or, you could find that you want to completely revamp your décor style to better match the architecture of the home. If you encounter either of these situations they could impact your color choices for the home.

There are benefits to painting your house before you move in but there are also benefits to painting it after. Either option can work but ultimately it is easier to paint the interior of the house before you move in. It gives you or a professional painter room to work and do a high quality paint job. If you are confident in your furniture and paint choices and have the time to paint before you move in then go with that option.

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