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Should I Paint The Exterior Of My Home By Myself?

Posted on May 16, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Should I Paint The Exterior Of My Home By Myself _ D&D PaintingIf you’re like most people I know, you’ve probably done some amount of painting work. It can be relatively easy and even fun to paint your home. Some folks will round up their friends, throw down some drop cloths, and order in pizza and beer and make a party of it. Sometimes the painting even turns out pretty well, though that may depend in part on how much beer is involved.

Usually those projects involve painting a single room in the house. But what happens when you need to paint the exterior of your home. Is that a good opportunity for a DIY project? There are a few additional concerns that you should not overlook when you’re deciding.


One of the reasons that people like to do painting on their own is that unlike a lot of other remodeling projects, it doesn’t really require a lot of fancy or expensive equipment. Needless to say, you’ll need to buy the paint. Other than that though, all you really need is some stirrers and drop cloths (which the paint store will likely throw in for free), a few brushes and rollers, and you’re basically good to go.

That’s not entirely true though, when you start looking at exterior painting jobs. Prepping for an interior job may require some sandpaper, a scraper, and maybe some spackle and tape. The exterior of your home tends to take quite a beating from the weather and elements, and you’re likely to need to start with a power washer. 

Then you’ll need a way to get up to the highest points of the house. Indoors, you’ll probably be fine with using a stepladder. Depending on how tall the house is, you may need an extension ladder or even some scaffolding. Unless you’ve got those items laying around in the garage, that’s going to be some additional expense you need to figure into the project. When you hire pros, you can be sure that they’ve got the right tools for the job at their fingertips at all times.

Scope of the Project

Remember that pizza / painting party we were talking about earlier? If you’ve done one of those, I bet it was for a single room, or maybe a hallway. The exterior of your home is a much larger project. There’s a lot of surface, and often a variety of different types of surfaces. Even the prep work can be a daunting task. You may find yourself overwhelmed by the time you get the exterior walls power washed, scraped, and do some necessary patching to weathered or damaged spots. A painting contractor will bring a crew, equipped with all the right gear, and does this every day.


You might say that no two paint jobs are quite the same, and that’s even more true when you start talking about the exterior of your home. There are different types of surfaces, and they may require different preparation methods and repairs. You’ll also need to decide what type of paint is the best for your job, which could involve a fair amount of research. Professional painting contractors do this all the time, and bring to the table a wealth of knowledge that you would have to educate yourself about. Why reinvent the wheel, when the pros already know how to do it, and consistently get great results?

In conclusion, you may be able to make a DIY project of painting your home’s exterior. But, overall it’s likely to be a more satisfying experience if you call in professionals to do the job the right way.

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