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Signs That it is Time to Bring in a Painting Professional

Posted on Sep 13, 2021 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

shutterstock_1719650926 (1)Do you have painting on your list of projects that need to be done around your home? Many ‘weekend warriors’ attempt to tackle large painting projects in an effort to save a few dollars by providing the labor. In some cases, DIY painting can be a great option. However, it is good to know the signs that it is time to bring in a painting professional.

You have extensive damage to the walls in your home

There is some level of damage that is going to occur to the walls of your home as you and your family go about your normal lives. Small holes from hanging pictures, knicks from furniture, and scuffs are all part of the day-to-day wear that you can expect on the walls of your home. With a little effort – and a couple video tutorials – you can likely handle the small areas of damage. If you have extensive damage to the walls in your home, however, you will need the help of a painting professional. For example, the pros at D&D Painting can repair large holes in drywall, replace drywall, match texture, and provide repair services for a wide range of issues on your interior walls. It is time to bring in a professional when the damage to your walls goes beyond small holes and knicks.

There is significant repair work needed on the exterior of your home

An exterior paint job is a large project that is best left up to the professionals. Some homeowners choose to deal with the prep work that is required on their own. If you want to try and get the exterior of your home ready for paint you need to make sure and deal with any siding that is damaged and paint that is showing signs of wear. This can mean replacing some of the siding or patching damaged wood. You may also need to pressure wash the exterior of your house and sand some of the areas where the paint is peeling. If there is significant repair work needed on the exterior of your home, it is a sign that you need to bring in a painting professional. A painting pro has the tools and experience to quickly get your home ready for paint. You may have to spend several of your weekends on prep work while the pros may be able to finish the entire project in a few days. Bringing in the pros to help you prepare the exterior of your home for paint will save you a lot of time and frustration.

You started a project but never finished

There are few things more frustrating than looking at an unfinished project in your house day after day. A partially finished paint project can annoy you each and every time you pass by the area. The reality is that there are tons of reasons you may have started a paint project and never finished. Life simply gets in the way sometimes. Instead of continuing to beat yourself up, bring in a pro to finish the project and start enjoying your home once again.

Paint pros can help you with a wide range of projects around your house. It is always tempting to try and save a few dollars by taking home improvement projects on your own. In reality, hiring a pro from the beginning can save you time, which ultimately translates into saving you money. The pros at D&D Painting are ready and able to help if you decide that it is time to bring in professional help on your project.

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