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Simple Steps to Get Your Home Ready to Be Painted

Posted on Oct 5, 2020 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Simple Steps to Get Your Home Ready to Be Painted | D&D Painting

Taking the proper steps to get your home ready to be painted will, ultimately, provide you with the best possible finished product. The elements you need to consider as you get your home ready to be painted are the things in your home that could be in the way of the painters and the condition of your walls. If you deal with these factors before the painting process, it will help both the process and the final results.

Eliminate clutter on the floor and walls

Clutter on your floors and walls can make the painting process more difficult. The painters need to be able to reposition ladders and move around freely in order to paint quickly and properly. Clutter on your floors and/or walls can get in the way of that. Take some time to clean up, remove, and store any items that could potentially get in the way of the painting process. 

Cover furniture that you want to protect

It is not feasible – or necessary – to remove all of the furniture in your home for an interior paint job. Instead, you need to take steps to protect the furniture in the house. This can include pulling the furniture away from the walls and covering it with plastic or drop cloths.

Dust and wipe down the walls

Paint will not adhere properly to a wall that is covered in dust and grime. You will end up with a splotchy paint job if the walls are painted while dirty. Dusting off the walls with a duster or damp cloth will quickly remove the majority of the dust. For areas with stubborn grime on the walls – such as your kitchen – you may need to spend a little more time scrubbing to get it clean.

Take care of holes or damage on your walls

Holes and damage to your walls need to be repaired before you have your home painted. Even with a new coat of paint, the holes and damage are likely to show up. You can make small repairs on your own or talk to your painting pro about including those repairs as part of the process.

Schedule a consultation with a painting pro

The last step on this list about getting your home ready to be painted is to schedule a consultation with a painting pro. A consultation is a time for the painting pro to take a look at your home and the scope of the project. After the consultation, you will receive a quote that is customized to your house and your project. You do not have to save this step for last – you can bring a painting pro in at any stage of the process to get a quote. It may even help to do this step in the beginning so you can discuss the exact steps you need to follow to prep your home.

Removing clutter, cleaning the walls, and making repairs are simple tasks that can make a big difference in the way your final paint project looks. If you are ready to get a customized quote for your home, get in touch with D&D Painting. Once you have a quote, you can get your project scheduled and be on your way toward having a freshly painted home.

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