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Spring has Sprung! Time to Get Started on Your Exterior Paint Project!

Posted on Apr 13, 2020 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Spring has Sprung! Time to Get Started on Your Exterior Paint Project! | D&D PaintingSpring is finally making its appearance which means that you can get back outside and start working on projects and enjoying the sunshine. If you have an exterior paint project on your to-do list, spring is a great time to knock that out. The weather is right and will provide you with the elements you need to complete a paint project from start to finish. If you do not want to tackle an exterior paint project on your own, spring is also a great time to seek out the help of a paint professional.

Why weather matters when painting outside

Weather is an important factor to consider when you have an exterior paint project. Extreme weather conditions can impact the quality of your finished product. For example, if the weather is too cold it can prevent the paint from adhering properly to the surface. If the weather is too hot, the paint may dry too fast and cause you to have a finished product that looks uneven. Moisture in the air can also make it difficult for the paint to bind to the surface successfully. Each type of paint has specifications that include high and low temperature recommendations. Check the instructions on the paint you are considering for suggestions on appropriate weather conditions. And, be sure to only paint within those recommended conditions for the best results. 

First three steps to take on your exterior pain project

If you are ready to jump in on your spring exterior paint project, you need to start with some prep work. The prep work that you put in before painting will impact the way the finished product looks as well as the longevity of the paint job. The three steps you need to take before apply the first brush stroke of paint include: cleaning, repairing, and replacing. The exterior of your house gets dirty quickly because it is constantly exposed to the elements. It is a good idea to pressure wash your house prior to painting. Check the exterior of your house for areas that need repair. Making the proper repairs before you paint will help you have a high-quality finished product. As you look for areas that need repair, you may encounter spots that require replacement. Replacing seriously damaged siding before you paint will help your paint project look better in the end.   

Get the help you need

Painting the exterior of your house is a big project. Simply preparing it for paint can end up being a time-consuming project if you do not have the equipment and experience needed to complete the tasks quickly. When it comes to actually applying the paint, you may find that it is a more involved project than you expected. Fortunately, there is help available. The pros at D&D Painting can help you with every aspect of your exterior painting project this spring. If you are trying to decide between painting on your own or hiring help, give D&D a call to set up a time for a free estimate.

Spring is a fun time of year because it is a time of increased activity outdoors. You finally have the ideal weather conditions for your exterior paint project. Whether you decide to tackle the project on your own or hire help, spring is a great time for painting.

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