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Steps You Can Take Now to Prep for a Spring Paint Project

Posted on Jan 2, 2020 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Steps You Can Take Now to Prep for a Spring Paint Project | D&D Painting

January is a time that many people start making plans for projects they want to complete. If you have a paint project that you want to do on your house in the spring, now is a great time to get prepared. You can start by looking through paint options, cleaning up the exterior of your property, and scheduling an estimate with your contractor. Each of these steps can be completed now so you will be ready to get the painting started as soon as the weather warms up.

Look through paint options

To say that there are an infinite amount of paint color options is only a slight exaggeration. Each paint manufacturer has a long list of paint color options available. And, when you look at more than one paint manufacturer, choosing a paint color can become a time consuming task. However, it is essential that you choose a color before the project begins so you do not hold it up with indecision. A quick way to narrow down your choices is to ask your painting contractor what brand of paint the company uses. Once you know that information, you can limit your search to colors within that brand. Another way to narrow the options is to check with your town or homeowner’s association about any rules related to exterior paint colors. After you know the type of paint you will use and the color guidelines you must follow all that is left is looking through the options that remain. If you get stuck and cannot make a final color decision, ask your painting contractor for assistance.

Clean up the exterior of your property

The exterior of your property can accumulate debris, dirt, and grime through exposure to the elements. In order to get a high quality finished product you will have to make sure that the exterior is clean. The paint will not adhere properly to the exterior of your home if the surface is dirty. One option for getting the exterior of your home clean and ready for paint is pressure washing. You can pressure wash your home on your own or hire a painting contractor for the project. Pressure washing can remove years’ worth of grime and dirt buildup from the exterior of your home. Another element of cleaning your home that you can do now is removing debris that has accumulated around the perimeter. These tasks will put you closer to your goal of having your home painted in the spring.

Schedule an estimate with your contractor

During this colder time of year you can prep for your spring paint project by scheduling an estimate with your contractor. Your contractor can look at the condition and size of your home to get an idea of the scope of the project. If the weather is too cold for painting that does not mean is too cold to have an estimate completed. Your contractor can write up the estimate and get you on the schedule for the spring.

If you are excited about a spring paint project for your home there are some steps you can take now to get prepared. Start looking through paint options, cleaning up the exterior, and scheduling an estimate with your painting contractor.

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