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The Best Industrial Painting and Coatings Contractor Near Fremont, CA

Posted on Mar 6, 2023 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Shutterstock_711255955If you are looking for an industrial painting and coating contractor for your commercial business, making sure you hire the best company so that you get quality results is a must. Not every painting company has experience with industrial painting and many do not even offer this as a service. Finding a company that comes highly recommended and has the experience to support their reviews will give you peace of mind knowing that your equipment, industrial floor, and tank liners are in expert hands.

Industrial painting services

If your business is located near Fremont, CA, there are a plethora of industrial painting services that could benefit your commercial business. Sprucing up your equipment not only makes it look better, but it could also extend the machinery’s life by sealing out water so that rust doesn’t cause erosion. For an experienced painting company, industrial painting services include:

  • Machinery and Equipment coatings such as:

    • Corrosion and rust coatings

    • Machinery and equipment coatings

    • Epoxy steel coatings

    • Metal and steel structural coatings

  • Floor coating applications in:

    • Epoxy

    • Urethane

    • Polyaspartic

    • Sealers

    • Stains

    • Chemical Resistant

    • 2 part epoxies

    • Polyurea

How is industrial painting different from exterior painting?

While exterior painting can help protect your home or business from weather while adding a fresh new look, industrial painting involves painting equipment, tank liners, industrial spaces, and large containers with a durable product that goes above and beyond regular exterior paints. This speciality type painting can include everything from painting monstrous size machinery and equipment to applying various floor coating in industrial commercial properties. Industrial painting can protect machinery equipment from rusting or corroding over time and can greatly extend the life of your commercial equipment. Applying floor coating such as urethane, epoxy, and different sealers will make your commercial property floor easier to clean and tough against wear and tear.


Finding the best company that provides extensive services to choose from would be an excellent benefit to your business. But discovering a company that has been providing well satisfied customers with quality industrial paint jobs for over thirty years will guarantee you get the absolute best work possible. With your equipment being exposed to the outdoor elements daily, having a protective coat applied to your machinery will keep it looking good as well and keep it working well.

D&D Painting are experts at applying industrial grade paint and coating to floors and machinery for decades. D&D Painting can provide your industrial business with coatings that can protect your equipment and floors through high quality paint jobs for a reasonable price. They even offer residential and commercial painting if you have more needs than just having your industrial equipment painted.

In and around Fremont, CA , you can find the best industrial painting company by giving D&D Painting a call today to ask for an estimate for your industrial property.

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