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The Best Residential Painting Contractor in the East Bay Area

Posted on Mar 21, 2022 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

shutterstock_1097375015For many people, the biggest investment they make in their lives is purchasing a home. Protecting that investment with regular upkeep and maintenance helps you enjoy your home more now and ensures it stays in good condition and continues to appreciate in value. Paint may just seem like lipstick for a home but its effect is so much weightier than a skin-deep application. A professional paint job even for your personal home can brighten your walls, creating a stress free environment in your most used living spaces. Sometimes, professional painting can be under-appreciated because precision and experience can not always be detected. But anyone can spot a bad paint job which can end up costing you more in the long run to have it re-done in order for your home to look its best. Residents in the East Bay area looking for the best residential painting contractor should consider hiring an experienced, licensed professional who listens to your needs and desires.

Why hire a professional?

Painting contractors in California obtain their license through an examination and with a minimum of four full years of experience. By using a professional to paint your East Bay area home, you are ensuring that the person you hire has the experience and knowledge to give your house a whole new look.

A professional painting contractor knows there are several things to consider before opening a can of paint. Prepping the surface and filling in any holes or cracks will give the final appearance a flawless, smooth surface. Taking the time to diligently cover everything that can not be moved out of the room will protect your items that you wish to remain paint free. An experienced contractor also knows that taking the weather into consideration is also incredibly important to get the results you want. Painting in extreme heat or cold, rainy or humid weather, or in direct sunlight can all affect the final outcome of the paint job. Lap marks, peeling paint, and slow drying times can be a real eyesore and a waste of money. Hiring a professional residential painting contractor will put your mind at ease of all the details required to have a nice, well painted home.

Benefits in finding the right contractor for my home

Though hiring a professional painting contractor for your East Bay area home may cost more monetarily, the service and peace of mind you recieve are invaluable. The benefits to hiring a professional include:

  • You don’t have to do it and you don’t have to spend time learning how
  • Knowledge of products, equipments, and techniques
  • Skilled in completing the more rigorous, tedious, and time consuming tasks like cutting in, painting the outline of a wall, precisely.
  • Timely manner: For the residential contractor that you hire, time is money. They will want to complete the paint job in a timely manner and always with customers feeling valued and satisfied.

Make the investment you put in your home show by hiring the best residential painting contractor for your East Bay area home.

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