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The Most Essential Questions To Ask Potential Painters

Posted on Mar 19, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

The Most Essential Questions To Ask Potential Painters | D and D Painting

Hiring a contractor of any kind can be a stressful experience. It’s understandable: you’ll be inviting someone into your home to perform an important job, and it can be difficult to know where to begin. How do you know if a contractor is reliable? Affordable? Trustworthy? These are all valid concerns, regardless of the type of job being performed.

And while we can’t help you make your final choice on a roofing contractor, we do know a few tips about picking painting contractors. So if you’re about to hire one for a paint job in your home, here are five questions you should ask before you make your choice:

1. How Much Time is This Going to Take?

And by “this,” we mean the entire project. Ask for a completion date and make extra sure that the same date is in the contract – verbal promises are nice, but rarely stand up in court.

2. What Happens if You Miss the Completion Date?

If the contractor passes the deadline, what’s the plan? Who pays for any extra time? If this isn’t talked about with the contractor in advance, you could find yourself on the hook for overruns.

3. Do You Offer a Satisfaction Guarantee?

A contractor who doesn’t stand by their work should cause you some concern. When asking about a guarantee, make sure it includes all labor. Some contractors will try to quiet your concerns by explaining that the paint has a warranty, but that’s not the expensive part: the labor is.

4. Do You Have Any References or Past Clients Reviews?

It can be difficult to gauge a contractor without knowing a lot about their work, so ask them for some references. When you speak to these past customers, don’t just ask about the quality of work; ask about their experience working with contractor as well. Were they accommodating? Was the work completed in a professional manner? Any information you can gather from this conversation is helpful.

5. Are You Licensed and Insured in the State of California?

There are so many unlicensed contractors in this state, and they usually don’t want to offer that information easily – so make sure you specifically ask about it. A reliable contractor should have no issue with providing a license number, which you can then verify on the website of the California Contractors State License Board. Insurance is also essential, because if a worker is injured on your property. Without proper insurance, you could be held accountable, so always confirm your contractor has sufficient insurance coverage.

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