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Tips on Getting Your House Ready for a New Exterior Paint Project

Posted on Sep 6, 2021 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

shutterstock_215743519Getting ready for a new exterior paint project can be exciting. It is fun to daydream about how wonderful your home will look once it gets a fresh coat of paint. If you are making a big change in color, the transformation can be dramatic. Before you schedule painters to get started, there are a few things you need to do to get your house ready for a new exterior paint project. Some of these steps can easily be done on a weekend on your own while others will likely require the help of a pro.

Remove trash and debris

Trash and debris around the perimeter of your house will get in the way of your paint project. You want to provide your painting pro with a clean area so he or she can get the paint on all the surfaces on the outside of your home. Forgotten toys, branches that fell in the yard, leaves that have blown up onto the house, and a number of other things can lead to a buildup of trash and debris around your house. Cleaning up the exterior of your house is a simple and relatively quick process. You can do clean up in conjunction with mowing and trimming because these tasks go hand-in-hand.

Repair or replace damaged siding

Take a look at the condition of the siding on your house. Are there pieces of wood that are severely damaged or missing completely? If so, you need to repair or replace the damaged siding in order to get ready for a new exterior paint project. The difficulty of this task will depend on the severity and scope of the damage to your siding. You can have a painting pro look at the condition of your siding as part of the estimate process for your paint job. If you choose a company that offers repair services, you can get siding repair and paint done by the same company.

Clean the exterior of your house

A deep cleaning can make a big difference in how well the new paint adheres to the exterior of your house. You do not want to have a layer of dirt and grime in between your new paint and the siding. Cleaning the exterior of your house will allow the paint to get directly to the surface of the siding so it can adhere properly. A quick way to thoroughly clean the exterior of your house is with pressure washing. Pressure washing can deep clean large surfaces more quickly than any other method. You can rent a pressure washer and tackle this task on your own or have your painting pro do it for you.

Preparing the exterior of your house for a new coat of paint is an essential part of the overall process. You can dive into these projects on your own or bring in professional help. If you are looking for professional help, the pros at D&D Painting offer a number of services that are designed to help you get your house ready for an exterior paint job.

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