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Tools that are Important for a DIY Paint Project

Posted on Oct 3, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Tools that are Important for a DIY Paint Project | D&D Painting

Enthusiastic DIYers are quick to take on projects around the house. One of the most common DIY home improvement projects is painting. Painting can transform the way that a room looks and feels. In addition, the process of painting is much less intimidating that other types of projects such a laying tile or removing a wall. Painting may seem simple but there are elements that you must get right in order to end up with a high-quality finished product. One of the factors that you need to get right is the tools that you choose. There are a number of tools that are important for a DIY project because they will make it easier and provide the end result you want.


Professional painting contractors often become so skilled at painting that tape is not necessary for them to get sharp lines. That is not typically the case for people who paint occasionally when a room in their house needs to be freshened up – they simply do not get enough practice. If you are taking on a DIY paint project on the interior of your house one of the tools you need is quality painter’s tape. This painting tool will help you get the sharp lines you want and protect the surfaces you do not intend to paint from bleed-over.

Drop cloth

You need a drop cloth to protect your floor and furniture while you paint. Even if you vow to be careful with the paint it is highly likely that you will spill some of it during the process. A couple of drops of paint on your couch can create an eyesore that is difficult to remove. It does not take much time, effort, or money to get a drop cloth and protect the furniture and flooring of your house.

High quality brushes and rollers

The final paint job will look much better if you choose high quality brushes and rollers over their lower quality counterparts. Cheap brushes and rollers can shed into your paint and leave unsightly streaks in the paint. Look for brushes and rollers that are designed for the type of paint you plan to use as well as the level of texture present on the surface to be painted. 

Paint sprayer

If you plan to paint the exterior of your home you will want to invest in a paint sprayer. The large amount of surface area on an exterior paint project will take a lot of time to complete using rollers and brushes. A high-quality paint sprayer can get the job done more quickly and provide you with better results.

Quality paint

You should consider the paint you choose as one of the most important tools for your DIY paint project. The location of your project, the traffic levels in the area to be painted, and the look you want will all impact the type of paint you choose. Go for quality when you choose your paint because it will ultimately provide you with better results.

There are more tools than the ones mentioned above that you might want for your DIY paint project. But if you start with painter’s tape, quality brushes/rollers, a paint sprayer, and quality paint you will have the tools necessary for a high-quality paint job.

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