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Top 3 Benefits of Painting During the Summer

Posted on May 25, 2020 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Top 3 Benefits of Painting During the Summer | D&D Painting

If you want to paint the exterior of your house, you need to consider the weather outside before you get started or bring in a painting pro. The temperature outside as well as precipitation can impact drying time and how well your paint adheres to the surface. Ultimately, the outside conditions will impact the quality and longevity of the paint job. The summer in the Bay Area of California can be a great time to paint the exterior of your house because it provides quicker drying time, dryer conditions outside, and no threat of temps being too low.

Quicker drying time

It is important to consider the drying time of your exterior paint. If it dries too slowly it leave time for debris like sand, pests, and leaves to blow into the wet paint. This can make the finished product look grainy or uneven. In addition, a long drying time leaves more time for someone to accidentally touch or bump into the wet paint. If the drying time is too short you will also have a problem. This can happen in extreme heat. In order to get a coat of paint that looks even you need to have a wet edge as you paint. If the paint dries too quickly it can get sticky and create a splotchy finished product. Summer weather in California typically falls into the ideal temperature range to paint without it drying too quickly. If there are a few days with exceptionally high heat, be sure and check the recommendations for your paint to make sure it is not too hot.

Dryer conditions outside

Spring showers are wonderful for your yard and flowerbeds. They are not that great if you want to paint the exterior of your house. Too much moisture in the air can make the paint dry more slowly and can leave you with a finished product that looks splotchy. When summer arrives it often comes with a reduction in precipitation. If you are trying to paint the exterior of your house the dryer conditions during the summer can help you get the project finished faster.

No threat of temps being too low

Paint can be negatively impacted by cold weather. If you paint when it is below a certain temperature outside it can prevent the paint from adhering properly. During the summer in California, there is no threat of the temp getting so low that it will impact your ability to paint. As long as you paint within the recommended temperature range (and prep the surface correctly), your paint with adhere and dry properly.

Summer is not the only time of year that you can paint the exterior of your house in California but it usually provides the right set of conditions. If you plan on getting professional help with your exterior paint job, the painting pro that you choose will be able to determine when the conditions are best to get started on your project.

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