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Two Reasons You Should Only Use a Licensed Painting Contractor

Posted on Nov 28, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Two Reasons You Should Only Use a Licensed Painting Contractor | D&D Painting

As you start your search for a painting contractor you will find that there are a number of options. Those options range from one-person operations to large companies with multiple crews on staff. It can be difficult to determine what factors you should consider to help you narrow down the choices. Some important factors include experience, involvement in the community, and examples of previous work. You can add other elements that are important to you to the decision-making process. But no matter what your criteria are for choosing a painting contractor, the very first factor you need to consider is licensing status. You should never consider using a contractor who is not properly licensed in the state of California. Any unlicensed contractors should be removed immediately from your list. Working with a licensed painting contractor will protect your interests in the event of a problem and ensure that you get the highest quality help.  

Protect yourself in the event of a problem

Licensing of contractors is designed to protect both the contractor and the consumer. When a contractor takes the time to get licensed, he learns about the laws related to running a contracting business. Understanding the law will help the painting contractor operate within the appropriate parameters. Licensing protects the consumer when you hire a contractor. It ensures that you are protected from being ripped off. If there is ever a problem with a project – the contractor does not complete it or provides poor workmanship – you can reach out to the Contractors State License Board for help settling any dispute. If you decide to work with an unlicensed contractor, you will have to try and deal with any issues on your own. Working with unlicensed contractors is one of the main ways that people get ripped off when making home improvements. Do not waste any of your time considering contractors that are not licensed – it is not worth the risk.

Ensure that you get the highest quality help

Insisting on a painting contractor who is licensed will help you ensure that you get the highest quality help. Becoming licensed and maintaining that status takes forethought and effort. When you choose a contractor who is licensed you know that they have put forth the effort needed to obtain and keep that license. A painting contractor who takes the time to become licensed is not looking for ways to cut corners or get off easy. This is a good sign for you as the homeowner because you do not want a contractor who is looking for easy - you want someone who is focused on quality. The highest quality painting contractors out there are among the ones who put in the time and effort to get licensed.

No matter what criteria you use to find a painting contractor, make sure proper licensing is on the list. You will put the quality of your project and your money at risk if you choose to go with an unlicensed painting contractor. It is simply not worth the risk. You can check out the license status of any painting contractor you are considering on the Contractors State License Board website.

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