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Ways to Protect Your Deck from Weather and Damage

Posted on Oct 1, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Ways to Protect Your Deck from Weather and Damage | D&D Painting

A backyard deck can provide you and your loved ones with many enjoyable mornings, afternoons, and evenings outside. When the weather is nice you can take meals out on the deck. You can enjoy your morning coffee out there on weekend mornings. You can watch the kids play in the yard while perched in a comfy chair on your deck. No matter what stage of life you find yourself in, a deck can provide you with an enjoyable and relaxing escape. However, if your deck becomes damaged it can start to represent work and weekends spent on tedious restoration tasks. In order to continue enjoying your deck and avoid an involved restoration process you need to take a few steps to protect it from the threats of weather and other types of damage.


Weather is one of the biggest and most persistent threats to your deck. The sun can warp the wood and fade away any color that it once possessed. Rain and other types of precipitation can cause unprotected wood to rot from excess moisture. Wind can blow dirt and debris onto the deck and lead to a buildup of grime that hides its true beauty. In addition, stormy weather can cause branches or other debris to fall on the deck and cause damage to planks and railings. There is no way to avoid the fact that your outside deck is exposed to the elements. But you can take some steps to protect it from long-term damage due to these elements. One way to protect your deck from elements like the sun and rain is to stain and seal it with a product designed for protection. There are many different types of high-quality stains that can help your deck withstand the damage that the sun and rain can cause. You can prevent dirt and debris from building up on your deck by having it power washed when needed. This process will remove the layer of dirt that accumulated over time. You can also minimize the damage that weather can do by regularly inspecting the condition of your deck. If you notice signs of weather damage be quick to have it repaired so the damage does not spread any further.

Other types of damage

Your deck is also susceptible from damage related to regular use. If you use the deck frequently it may have people walking on it, children playing on it, furniture being moved around, and equipment like a grill sitting on it. Frequency of use can lead to problems on your deck such as loose planks and damaged railings. The best way to protect your deck from this type of damage is to keep an eye out for signs of wear. Once you notice a problem act quickly in order to ensure that it does not develop into a more serious and widespread issue.

You can protect your deck from the damage that comes from threats such as weather and frequent use if you are proactive in your efforts. A high-quality stain designed to be used on decks can go a long way toward protecting it from the threats that weather brings. And, dealing with any damage that appears as quickly as possible will keep your deck in top condition.

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