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What Time of the Year Should I Paint the Exterior of My Home?

Posted on Mar 14, 2022 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

shutterstock_2021115941When deciding when to paint the exterior of your home, one of the biggest factors to consider is weather. Though weather can be quite unpredictable, most environments have a mild time of year that can be perfect for freshening up the exterior of your home. You may be wondering, “What time of year should I paint the exterior of my home?” The extremes in weather like freezing in winter to boiling in summer temperatures, as well as a downpour all make for a bad time to paint outside. Knowing temperatures and conditions to avoid when painting your home can help you determine what time of year is best to paint your house’s exterior.

To start with, the most obvious weather to avoid when painting the exterior of your home is a wet surface from rain or even high humidity. Moisture can get trapped under the layer of paint and can ultimately cause your paint to come off in sheets as the moisture looks for a place to escape.

The best advice for ideal temperatures for exterior painting is to read the paint can! Whatever product you choose to use to paint your home, be sure to read the specific temperatures that the product works best in. Most water based paints say you can paint in temperatures as low as 35 degrees. But you don’t want the temperature to drop to freezing during the few days after you paint to ensure the paint properly cures. Too cold of temperature and the paint will simply not adhere to the surface and won’t last very long.

Painting your home’s exterior in the heat can be a miserable experience. Physically enduring the high temps can be exhausting on its own. Painting a surface that you can not touch for long due to the heat is advised against. Painting in direct sun or high heat can cause issues like the paint on your brush or equipment dries, causing it to gunk up, making painting more difficult and frustrating. Direct sun can also cause your paint to dry too fast, leaving lap marks, visible color changes or lines, on the surface of your exterior. If you must paint in direct sun in milder temperatures, morning sun is much more preferable than afternoon sun for drying to be more even.

The best weather for painting the exterior of your home can certainly be in summer, but can also include spring and fall. If the region where you live has milder to warm, dry days in a given season, knocking out your paint project during this time of year is absolutely ideal.

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