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What to Do if You Spill Paint On Your Wood Floor

Posted on Jun 8, 2015 5:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

What to Do if You Spill Paint On Your Wood Floor | D and D PaintingSometimes it seems like no matter how well you cover up before painting, a few drops still seem to make it onto the floor. This can seem particularly stressful if it’s a hardwood floor because a hardwood floor can’t really be painted over, and when the spot hardens, it will look ugly and out of place. For anyone who’s painting, it’s a good idea to understand what to do if you spill paint on your wood floor so that you can keep it looking fresh and new.

If a few drops ever do make it passed the barricade of newspaper and tarp you’ve laid down, it’s best if you catch it right away. When that’s the case, you can usually just get some water and wipe it down back to normal. It’s important to make sure that you get all of it, because dried, smeared paint can be a real pain to get off of your wood floor.

If you miss it while it’s still wet, you’ve still got a good chance of getting it off with minimal difficulty. When paint is semi-dried, it can be likened to a sort of putty. This putty can be scraped off with a plastic putty knife. The word plastic here is critical when you’re dealing with a wood floor because it likely won’t scratch. The problem with metal knives is that even though they’re stronger, they can cause damage to a wood surface, so steer clear if you can. Try and scrape off the paint with the putty knife from an angled position. Since the knife is plastic, you can even use a hammer to tap it and break up the paint so that it comes off easier.

If the paint is completely cured, I’d recommend still trying the scraper. If the scraper isn’t working, then you can always resort to a solvent. Solvents can help dissolve the paint from the surface, but can be potentially harmful to it if used improperly. In order to ensure no damage, make sure that you’re using the right solvent for the type of paint you’re dealing with. Latex-based paints require different solvents than oil-based paints and so on.

We know that it’s a pain when you have a spill, but understanding how to deal with that spill will keep your wood floors safe in painting environments. For more information about what types of solvents are the best for certain situations and so on, call a painter and have a conversation about it.

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