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Why are There So Many Different Paint Options?

Posted on Apr 6, 2020 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Why are There So Many Different Paint Options? | D&D PaintingChoosing a paint may seem like a pretty straightforward task, that is, until you actually start looking at all of the paint options that are available. If you already know what color you want to paint you may be thinking that the hard decisions are over. The reality is that there are still a few decisions to make when you purchase paint beyond what brand and color you prefer. There are latex paints and oil paints that come in a variety of sheens. Some paint comes with a primer included while others do not. The area you plan to paint, the way your family lives, and the aesthetics you prefer will all impact which paint you choose. The paint manufacturers create options with these elements in mind in order to provide you with paint that meets all of your needs.

Paints designed for where you want to paint

The exterior paint on your home is exposed to elements that the interior paint of your home will never be exposed to. The sun, wind, dirt, and precipitation outside will all beat against the exterior of your house at some point throughout the year. Because of this, it is essential that you choose paint designed to withstand exterior threats. Fortunately, you can find paint that is made specifically for outside use. Inside of your house you can use paint designed specifically for the interior. Paint manufacturers understand that interior paint can impact air quality and design options with low or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to ensure that air quality inside your home is not negatively impacted. No matter where you want to paint, there is likely a paint designed specifically to be used in that area. 

Paints designed for the way your family lives

Another reason there are so many different paint options is because paint is designed for the way your family lives. For example, if you have a young and active family you can get paint that is designed to withstand heavy use. Handprints, splatters, and spills on walls are common in houses with kids. You can find paint that will stand up to being wiped down over and over. On the other hand, if you live alone you may not need to choose paint based on how much abuse it can take. As you look at paint options, consider the way your family lives during the decision-making process.

Paints designed for the aesthetics you prefer

The paint options on the market also provide you with choices related to the aesthetics you prefer. For example, some people prefer the low sheen of flat paint over the higher sheen of semi-gloss. As you look through paint options you will start to recognize the differences in aesthetics and determine what type of paint you prefer.

At first it may seem frustrating to sort through all of the different paint options. However, when you realize that the options are available to provide you with the best possible match, it can reduce the frustration level. If you find yourself overwhelmed or stuck while trying to choose the right paint, you can get help from the pros at D&D painting.

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