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Will Pressure Washing Improve the Look of My Fence or Deck?

Posted on May 25, 2017 6:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

pressure.jpgPressure washing is an essential part of getting the exterior of your home ready for a paint job. It can remove years of dirt and grime so the paint has a chance to successfully bind to the surface. Another way that people use pressure washing is to clean up concrete and bricks. Sometimes you can bring new life to these types of surfaces simply by cleaning them. Your fence or deck can also benefit from an occasional pressure washing. Not only can it improve the overall look of your fence or deck, it may also be necessary for proper maintenance. How often you need to pressure wash your fence or deck is partially dependent on the material it is made out of.

Pressure treated lumber

Pressure treated lumber is a popular choice for all sorts of building projects. This type of lumber is treated with substances that make it more weather, rot, and insect resistant than untreated wood. If you have a deck or fence built with pressure treated lumber it is lower maintenance than one that is built with the untreated variety. Pressure washing can do two things for a deck built with pressure treated lumber: make it look better and prolong the life of the wood. A yearly pressure washing will remove and dirt or grime buildup on your fence and give it new life. In addition, power washing pressure treated lumber on a regular schedule like this will help it last longer.

Redwood and cedar

Redwood and cedar are both popular options for decking, fencing, and other outside projects because they have natural components that make them hold up well to weather and sun. Just like pressure treated lumber, redwood and cedar both benefit from annual pressure washing. It will help them look fresh and will also extend the life of the wood.

Composite, plastic and vinyl materials

There are a number of decking and fencing products available that contain little or no wood. These products include composite, plastic, and vinyl materials, as well as others. For these types of products pressure washing is used primarily for aesthetics. For example, a white vinyl fence can start looking grimy over time and will require an occasional pressure washing. Some of these materials can also develop mold and mildew which can easily be addressed with a thorough power washing.

One benefit of pressure washing your deck or fence is that it can improve the look of either no matter what type of material it is built with. An added benefit is that it can also extend the life of many types of decking and fencing. You can make pressure washing these areas of your home part of your spring cleaning routine. You may be able to rent a pressure washer at your local hardware store and do it yourself or you can call a painting contractor and have them do the job for you. 

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