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Winter Projects: Repainting Your Kitchen

Posted on Feb 26, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Eric Dokey

Winter Projects Repainting Your Kitchen- | D and D Painting

Winter can be a great time to take care of tasks around your home, since people tend to spend more time in the house during the colder months. One task that you can take on this winter is repainting the kitchen. One of the benefits of living in California is that even in the winter, there are many days that you don’t have to worry about rain. You’re free to leave the windows of your house open to air out the fumes of an indoor paint job without letting any water in.

If you’re ready to give your kitchen a brand new coat of paint, keep these tips in mind while choosing the perfect paint.

Choose The Color Wisely

When it comes to choosing paint color for your kitchen, personal preference will be the major deciding factor. But if you decide to go for what’s “trendy” for a kitchen in mind, there are a few colors that stand out. Bright colors that are thought to increase appetites are always popular, such as shades of yellow, peach, or green. You may also want to think about how easily a particular shade will show stains. When it comes to food splatters possible and grimy little hands of children who have just eaten possibly touching the walls, a slightly darker shade may be in your best interest.

Decide Which Type Of Paint To Use

An oil-based paint is a great option for certain areas of the kitchen because it’s very resistant to water. It is also quite a bit shinier than a latex paint, which makes it a great option for cabinets, woodwork, and doors. When it comes to the actual walls of your kitchen, latex is generally your better option. Latex paint is available in more colors and is also much easier to use and clean up, which is a plus if you’ll be taking a DIY approach with the project.

Choose the Right Finish

Latex paint comes in a few different finishes, all with their on individual pros and cons. A matte finish is used often on interior walls, but doesn’t clean easily. Therefore, it’s not a great choice for your kitchen. Eggshell is often used for decorative finishes and is more durable than matte, but probably still won’t do well in an often cleaned area such as a kitchen. Satin is by far the most popular paint finish, and does clean up better than either flat or eggshell. It is easily washable, although scrubbing will likely take off the paint. You may still want to stray away from satin in your kitchen. A semi-gloss is very durable and provides a subtle shine. This is a very popular choice for kitchen paint. A high-gloss finish is by far the most durable, scrubbable option available, which is why many homeowners choose to go with this option for their kitchen walls. With a shiny, polished look, high-gloss is a great choice for a high-traffic area such as the kitchen.

Choose High Quality Paint

While it’s certainly understandable why you might want to go for the bargain in most situations, the walls of your kitchen are not an area that should be skimped on. A low quality paint is much more likely to chip and peel after a short amount of time, which would lead to several touch ups and possibly even a complete repainting of the work in a short amount of time. If you are unsure about which paints are of the highest quality, ask an employee when you are in the store making your decision. While you may save some money in the long term with lower quality paint, you will likely spend just as much or more in the long run.

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